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My name is Shervi Barnes, and I have twenty  years of physical education leadership experience with a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations that guide high school athletic programs. Extensive coaching history with girls’ basketball, volleyball, and softball programs and expertise in the rules, strategies, and techniques for those and most other sports. Exceptional talent for recognizing potential athletic ability. I work with players on a personal level and improve players’ athletic and academic performance while simultaneously building character. My background encompasses strong budgeting, travel planning, academic standards, public relations, and staffing skills. 

20 years of experience in public education with endorsements in Health/Physical Education, Drivers Education and Administration and Supervision in grades NK-12. Degrees include: 

Bachelors Degree – Health/Physical Education and Recreation (Virginia State University)

Masters Degree – Sports Management (Virginia State University)

DUAL Masters Degree – Educational Leadership and Administration and Supervision (Regent University)

Educational Specialist Degree – Advanced Educational Leadership (Regent University)

Doctoral Degree – Advanced Educational Leadership (Regent University), In Progress

Know that if you have any questions along your driving improvement journey – I am here to help. Driving is a big part of life for millions of people here in Virginia. Sometimes we need courses to remind us of all the responsibility we have to one another for compassion and safety. We’re all in this together! I want to sincerely thank you for choosing us as your vendor of choice to get you back on the road, safely.  Thank you! – Shervi